Catch up on the day’s highlights from the C40 World Mayors Summit in Buenos Aires

C40 research reveals the cost of fossil gas, showing clean energy is cheaper, creates more jobs and causes less pollution

Bold action to phase out fossil gas and expand clean energy could save over 776,000 lives by 2050 and generate good, green jobs, enabling cities to meet their climate targets, groundbreaking new research by C40 suggests.

C40’s new research shows climate, air quality and health impacts of fossil gas use across electricity, buildings and industry in 97 C40 cities. The research, funded by Wellcome, underscores that clean energy is cheaper, creates more jobs and causes less pollution. Rather, its usage should be phased out as swiftly as possible to avoid air pollution and GHG emissions.

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Mayors and urban climate leaders will discuss ways to accelerate the clean energy transition in tomorrow’s livestreamed session, ‘Putting People First In The Green Energy Transition’, at 16:30–17:30 (ARG).

Mayors and residents explore the host city

As part of the host city programme, mayors and residents visited locations in Buenos Aires that offer inspiring examples of the city’s climate leadership. At Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, attendees explored this green and protected area of the city to learn about the local ecoregions, how the local wetland was recovered, and how native tree and plant species are grown.

At the City Recycling Centre, which brings together five waste treatment plants and an educational centre, attendees learned about how the city has made recycling and waste processing more efficient, contributing to city’s reduced waste emissions.

During the visit to ReMida BA Centre – a waste re-utilisation facility where creativity and sustainability meet – attendees heard about innovative ways to reuse and breathe new life into discarded materials.

Mayors, residents and Summit attendees also visited the Buenos Aires Ecopark, where they participated in guided talks on local streams, watersheds, climate change, and nature-based solutions for enhancing climate resilience.

Watch the C40 Summit wherever you are

Join us tomorrow alongside global and regional mayors, business leaders, philanthropists, youth leaders and scientists for the first livestreamed sessions from the C40 World Mayors Summit.

We will hear from expert speakers who are united in action, in sessions covering achieving climate justice; innovative approaches for creating sustainable and thriving neighbourhoods; the green energy transition; and much more.

The livestreams are open to all with translations in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin. Session recordings will be available for those who cannot watch live. See you tomorrow!

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