Addis Ababa Mayor Deriba Kuma offered congratulations to C40 on 10 years of promoting more resilient, climate-friendly cities.

According to the Mayor, Addis Ababa has benefitted from its participation in C40's peer-to-peer sharing and events; these experiences are now feeding into the city's Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy, a roadmap that will help the city develop in a sustainable manner and serve as a roadmap for future infrastructure projects and programmes, from the planned closure of a prominent dump site to a new bus rapid transit system, which is expected to come on-line in the next two years.

"Our membership to C40 places Addis Ababa in a strategic position to capitalize on the city's potential to drive climate actions and contribute to the global climate change agenda by connecting with cities around the world," Mayor Kuma said.

Reflecting on the importance of a unified climate change agenda, the Mayor concluded:

"A well-known Ethiopian proverb says, 'When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.' I believe that the C40 network of cities will continue to play an important role by uniting cities in tackling climate change globally."

Watch Mayor Kuma's full remarks in the video below.


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