The New Shougang Comprehensive High-end Industry Services Park, located in the west of Beijing has been announced as the latest project to be accepted into C40’s Climate Positive Development Programme, and the first project to be accepted in China.

C40’s Climate Positive Development Programme recognises the world’s most ambitious low-carbon projects. The Programme supports the creation and implementation of large-scale urban communities that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and serve as models for cities to grow in environmentally sustainable and economically viable ways. Guided by the Climate Positive Framework, the Programme supports projects to achieve a “climate positive” emissions target of net-negative operational greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy, waste and transportation.

C40’s Mark Watts presents a Certificate of Acceptance to Wang Shizhong Deputy General Manager of Shougang Group

The Shougang Park is the redevelopment of the former Shougang Steel Mill, which will ultimately be home to 107,000 people and create more than 150,000 jobs. The Shougang Climate Positive project is a 34-hectare site at the heart of the regeneration that will be home to 5,000 residents and 25,000 jobs, and will be the flagship feature of the development, built and managed by Shougang Group. The project will act as a pilot for a new approach to low carbon, sustainable urban development within the City of Beijing. Findings from the pilot project will be used to inform a national policy framework for the regeneration of former industrial areas.

“We are delighted that the Shougang Park has been accepted into C40’s Climate Positive Development Programme,” said Jin Wei, chairman of Shougang Group. “The project will demonstrate that it is possible to turn areas that were once responsible for creating the most emissions into sustainable, low carbon communities for people to live and work in Beijing and across China.”

To achieve climate positive status the project will seek to minimize the emissions generated during the development phase, whilst creating a low-carbon and sustainable community. The strategic Climate Positive Roadmap of the Shougang Climate Positive Development Project will include the following elements: Green Building, Renewable/Clean Energy, Green Transport, Waste Management, Water Resources, Green Open Space, Post-industrial Cultural Heritage Resources, and Contaminated Site Rehabilitation.

With the addition of the Shougang project, the Climate Positive Development Programme is currently working with 19 projects across six continents, directly affecting over one million people who live and work in climate positive communities.

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