C40 is pleased to launch a new Case Study Library – making it easier than ever for city officials, researchers, and urban stakeholders to explore the growing collection of more than 500 unique, world-leading solutions taking place across C40 cities. A new map interface and topical search functionality make the innovative city solutions found across publications like the C40 Good Practice Guides, Cities100 and Urban Efficiency Report more accessible.

Users can search for solutions from C40’s seven regions, 90+ cities, and 20 past or current thematic networks, or locate examples of quantifiable economic, social, health and environmental benefits. These include solutions like the award-winning CitySwitch Green Office program, a collaboration between Sydney and Melbourne which is now improving businesses’ energy performance in cities across Australia, and the award-winning Paris Adaptation Strategy, aimed at tackling climate change-related challenges including heatwaves, urban heat island effect, flooding and droughts.

The Case Study Library is part of C40’s continued commitment to help the world’s cities address climate change by learning from one another to maximize impact and scale solutions more rapidly, successfully and cost-effectively. C40 invites you to explore this exciting library!

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Statement of C40 Mayors in Support of and Solidarity with the US “Climate Mayors”

The primary purpose of any government is to protect its citizens. Climate change poses a unique and growing threat to the lives, health and jobs of people in every city, state and around the world. The policies and budget priorities announced by President Trump in recent weeks threaten to undermine America’s global leadership on tackling climate change. If enacted this will be bad for the United States and bad for the planet.

It is now clearer than ever that cities must play a critical role in delivering the ambition of the Paris Agreement and prevent devastating impacts of climate change.

Women4Climate: A Conversation with Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

Fumiko Hayashi has been Mayor of Yokohama since 2009 and is the first woman to hold the post. Her previous roles have included president of BMW Tokyo, president of Tokyo Nissan Auto Sales, and chairperson and CEO of the Japanese supermarket chain Daiei.

In 2006, Forbes magazine named her 39th most powerful woman in the world, the highest rank for a Japanese woman. Ms. Hayashi is the president of Mayors Association of Designated cities in Japan, and also serves as the member of the Council for Gender Equality of the Cabinet Office of Japan. She has also written several books on management and workforce relationship.