Today, C40 and Arup released Powering Climate Action: Cities as Global Changemakers, a report that demonstrates cities are taking substantial steps on climate action by collaborating and leveraging partnerships not only with each other, but also with the private sector and civil society.

Seth Schultz, C40 Director of Research, Measurement & Planning, said:

“The Powering Climate Action report offers empirical confirmation of what we at C40 have witnessed over the past decade. Mayors face similar challenges and seek to implement similar solutions, and this provides a basis for the collaboration we see working through the global network of C40 every day.”

The research quantifies and catalogues the breadth and depth of power that 66 city governments hold over assets and functions across key sectors influencing climate change. The data surveyed in this study offers an understanding of the conditions that help or hinder progress – and sends a very clear message: cities have the tools to play their part.

Paula Kirk, Arup Energy and Climate Change Leader, said:

“When it comes to delivering action, the way cities use their power is more important than the dimensions of power they have. Limited power need not mean limited action for cities; there is enormous potential for partnerships with other cities, private businesses, investors and civil society to further climate action.”

The report’s publication is timely, as the international community works to achieve a universal climate change agreement at Paris COP21 in December. As the leadership needed from nations continues slowly to take shape, it is action by cities that will help close the emissions gap and keep alive the possibility of a climate safe world. Cities, and other non-state actors such as regional government, the private sector, civil society and investors are ultimately responsible for delivering GHG reductions on the ground.

Look inside the report below:



Powering Climate Action is the first report delivered under a strengthened C40-Arup partnership announced last week. The two organizations have worked together since 2009 to conduct ground-breaking research on the actions cities are taking to address climate change, and what impact these actions are achieving.

Read the full press release here.

Download or explore the full report here.

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