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Mayors Voices: Copenhagen Lord Mayor Frank Jensen on Driving Green Growth in Cities

In Copenhagen, we aim to achieve carbon neutral status in 2025 – becoming the first major global city to do so. However, we want to link efforts to reduce the impact of global warming with economic growth and job creation. Our main focus has been on creating a clean, green city with high standards of living. We want a city where people can enjoy living and working without harming the planet – we strongly believe this vision is possible and even more so when cities work collaboratively with each other and the private sector.

Mayors Voices: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on How Cities Can Help U.S. & China Meet Climate Goals

United States President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping recently signed an historic deal setting the groundwork for both countries to make significant strides to halt global climate change*. The deal represents unprecedented collaboration between the two nations on climate, yet the agreement does not outline a comprehensive plan to achieve the agreed-upon reductions – which is where cities come in.

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