Cities around the world are critical to delivering on the ambition of the Paris Climate Agreement and limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C. As the world’s largest and most influential cities, C40 cities have a particularly important role to play, for instance through adopting ambitious Climate Action Plans compatible with the goals of the Paris Agreement.


C40 mayors are ready for the task ahead; they are committed to taking the necessary actions that are helping to shape a more sustainable future and to actively share their experience so that other cities can take inspiration from their example. It is time to take a step back and acknowledge the great level of commitment, engagement and participation of our member cities.


The C40 Participation Standards are guidelines for C40 membership and include a number of mandatory requirements such as setting a target for reducing GHG emissions, developing a climate action plan with concrete initiatives to meet the target and actively sharing best practice examples with other cities through the C40 networks.


Having measured the level of C40 participation in the past year, it is our privilege to officially recognize the best performing cities in each region over 2017. These leading cities were extraordinarily active in the C40 network throughout 2017, and took exceptional measures and contributed additional resources to support the sharing of best practices among cities, provide thought leadership, and represent the C40 network globally. 



We sincerely congratulate these best performing cities in each region and encourage all cities to further increase their participation. We look forward to working with each of our C40 member cities on new initiatives, activities and events in 2018.


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