TF1 weather team star, will raise awareness of the impacts of climate-related extreme weather on cities.


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Paris, France (29 May 2018) — Tatiana Silva, TF1 weather presenter, will work with mayors of the world’s great cities to increase awareness about the effects of climate change. As C40’s Goodwill Ambassador for Resilient Cities, Tatiana Silva will help citizens of C40 cities better understand the links between extreme weather, such as floods, hurricanes, or heatwaves and climate change. Her partnership with C40 will continue to build the case for creating more resilient, safer and healthier cities for the future.




“Every year hundreds of millions of urban citizens and billions of Euros worth of infrastructure is put at risk from climate-related floods, droughts and storms. These trends are only going to get worse in the years ahead,” said Tatiana Silva. “I’m determined to help in any way I can to get C40’s cities ready for whatever the future holds. This is something I care about and I want more and more citizens to be conscious of.”


“I am delighted to be announcing Tatiana Silva as the C40 Goodwill Ambassador for Resilient Cities,” said Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and Chair of C40. “As mayors of the world’s great cities, C40 mayors are taking courageous action to secure the citizens of their cities. Thinking locally, acting globally must become the world state of mind and I am deeply convinced that Tatiana Silva will help to bring that spirit among cities and citizens.”

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