Amandla serves as the Global Senior Manager, CFO Network for African Cities – an initiative focused on engaging and empowering senior finance officials in C40 Cities’ network to access climate finance, and implement evidence-based budgetary decisions and policy making in public financial management. Amandla is responsible for driving new strategic priorities, partnerships and programming to develop the network.

Amandla is currently based in the United Kingdom and has worked across a wide variety of areas within international development, including environmental sustainability, agribusiness management, private sector development, women’s economic empowerment and innovation in Europe and Africa. Before joining C40 Cities, she was stationed in Nairobi, Kenya and worked as an internal consultant for One Acre Fund. Amandla has also consulted on a Horizon2020 climate change project to set up a twinning programme between European cities and African cities and municipalities to empower climate-vulnerable communities within Africa to develop and sustain nature-based solutions to climate change and inequitable exposure to air pollution. In addition, she has previously held project management positions at UK Research and Innovation and Connected Places Catapult.

Amandla holds an MSc in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a BA in Social Policy, Politics and Economics from the University of Birmingham.