Ricardo Cepeda-Márquez serves as C40’s Technical Lead for Waste and Water, where he is the senior expert covering the areas of solid waste, materials management, and urban water management, bringing attention and organizational coordination to the opportunities in GHG emission reduction in these sectors, including the importance of upstream interventions around prevention and reduction of waste, accelerating the transition of cities towards a sustainable materials management vision, the urgency to address methane emissions from landfills and wastewater and the importance of integrated urban water management in cities. Previously, Ricardo served as Head of the Waste & Water Initiative at C40. Before joining C40, Ricardo led the development of the Closure and Landfill Gas Utilization Project at Bordo Poniente, the now-closed Mexico City Landfill, a project that is estimated to reduce more than 20 M tons of GHG emissions in the next 25 years. Ricardo also worked as a Lead Engineer performing hydraulic safety analysis for oil pipeline systems for the Mexican Oil industry – PEMEX, and developing statistical analysis tools for rainfall and drought prediction for municipal planning.