Kaitlyn is Clean Construction Finance Manager, working on a programme to support a just and economically viable transition to a decarbonised construction sector in European cities. The programme pilots inclusive and innovative approaches to low-carbon construction in London, Madrid and Oslo, while building the case for wider transformation, e.g. through targeted research on socio-economic impacts including labour and costs.

Previously, Kaitlyn worked on the global coordination and management of C40’s UCAP Climate Action Implementation Programme, which delivers high-impact climate actions and mainstreaming in 15 cities in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Before C40, Kaitlyn worked for several years at ICLEI’s European Secretariat, working with local governments on sustainable construction, circular economy, and green public procurement. Her experience includes managing several EU-funded innovation projects, facilitating capacity building and knowledge exchange processes between cities, and engaging in advocacy for urban climate action in European policy fora. She previously worked as a researcher and project manager on equitable environmental planning, green infrastructure, and the right to housing in Latin America and Europe.

Kaitlyn is an Architectural Engineer (B.Sc. from the University of Texas at Austin) and has dual Erasmus+ Master’s degrees in International Cooperation & Urban Development from the Technical University of Darmstadt and the International University of Catalonia.