Mehrnaz joined C40 in 2018 to help set up the flagship Inclusive Climate Action Programme. In 2021 she transitioned to the Climate Action Directorate and currently is the Head of the C40 Cities Finance Facility where she is responsible for strategy development, program design and funder engagement for major urban climate action programs in Africa, Asia and Latin America, exploring ways to finance a just transition. She has 15 years of experience working on the nexus of climate change and socio-economic development in cities. Prior to joining C40, Mehrnaz spent over a decade working in the public, private and third sectors as a designer and a global urban development specialist, focusing particularly on matters related to climate change and planetary health, equity and inclusion, urban health, and urban economics.

Mehrnaz trained as an architect and holds an MPhil in Urban and Environmental Design in Architecture from the University of Cambridge, and her PhD at UCL focused on city and science diplomacy, and emerging forms of international urban governance to drive action toward planetary health. She holds several advisory positions with WHO, WRI, Google, Wellcome Trust, NGOs, and foundations. She has been a regular lecturer at universities in the UK and internationally helping design and deliver a number of executive and higher education courses.