Pedro Ribeiro is C40’s Head of Water Programmes. He supports a network of global cities to identify, plan and implement projects to increase resilience to urban flooding impacts. The network is focused on four work streams: Governance and Holistic Water Management; Measuring and Monitoring Urban Floods; Flood Operations and Response; and Flood Reduction.

Before joining C40, Pedro worked at the Rio de Janeiro Resilience Office, where he worked on the development of Rio Resilience Strategy. In Rio’s Resilience Office, Pedro focused on the city’s urban climate vulnerabilities including Heat Waves, Drought, and Floods. Pedro was responsible for leading initiatives on Heat Waves, developing the first municipal urban heat map, and the Urban Water Resilience, developing Rio de Janeiro’s rainwater harvesting potential analysis (Reuse Map).

Pedro holds an environmental sciences degree at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State, with a post-graduate degree in Ecological Landscape at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica of Rio de Janeiro.