Eirik Lae Solberg represents the Conservative Party has been the Governing Mayor of Oslo since fall 2023.  Governing Mayor Solberg is strongly committed to Oslo’s adopted climate targets of 95% reduction in direct emissions by 2030, while ensuring that the city preserves nature and is resilient. International cooperation is essential in achieving this target. 

Governing Mayor Solberg has an education in economics, political science, and history. Prior to becoming Governing Mayor, Solberg’s career has been dedicated to leading positions in local and national politics and in the private sector.  

As a member of the C40 Steering Committee, representing the innovator cities, Governing Mayor Solberg will be a strong voice for using climate governance tools such as climate budgeting and public procurement to accelerate climate action. Oslo is committed to sharing solutions with other C40 cities and to advocating for city leadership at national and international levels.