Year in Review: C40 Celebrates 10 Years of City Climate Action

2015 was an important year for C40, and for our mayors. We saw cities firmly establish their place in the global dialogue on climate change, from gathering at the Vatican to committing in large numbers to the Compact of Mayors, culminating in a fantastic series of events at COP21 in Paris. On top of these milestones, 2015 also marked C40’s 10th anniversary. Throughout the year C40’s 10 Years of Results series featured contributions from our mayors, partners, international political figures and global thought leaders. Below we take a look back through a very productive and exciting year.  

10 Years of Results: Inspiring Leadership and Transformative Actions in Global Cities

The C40 is an exceptional organization that brings together leadership from major cities around the world to take real and lasting action on climate change. From the very beginning, when I was asked as Mayor of Toronto to join the Board of the C40 in 2005, I knew Mayor Livingstone had an idea that was going to make a massive difference. Mayors of large cities that hold statutory responsibilities for large-scale infrastructure such as transportation systems, regional energy production, social housing, water and solid waste management can have a tremendous impact on both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking steps to address and forestall the sometimes devastating impacts of the climate change that has already begun. Bringing these mayors together — and through them the hundreds of millions of people they represent- remains an extremely powerful and effective mechanism towards halting climate change.

Video: Michael R. Bloomberg on C40’s 10-year Anniversary

Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies, a C40 strategic funder, and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change, congratulates C40 on 10 years of results. As President of the C40 Board, Bloomberg supports and highlights the climate action that cities are taking and the critical role that mayors can play in helping nations create ambitious carbon reduction commitments.

10 Years of Results: Matthew Pencharz on transforming London into a greener, healthier and wealthier place to live

London’s government is very proud of the role it played in the founding of C40, and how we have helped shape its development over the last decade. Just as we are proud of being the first city to build a GHG inventory, develop a climate change adaptation strategy, introduce a carbon based metric for waste management activity and, more recently, develop a method of measuring our scope 3 emissions.