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Seeing is believing: the future of electric vehicles in Nanjing

The IPCC's ‘Global Warming 1.5 degrees’ report published last month was a clear warning of the ambitious action needed to prevent the worst of climate change. A swift shift away from fossil fuels is needed, but as Christiana Figueres observes, ‘the determinants of whether we head for 2C or for 1.5C are mainly political; they are not technical or economic.’ This observation rang true when visiting China last week to deliver the annual C40 Zero Emission Vehicle network workshop. Bringing together delegates from 11 global cities to problem solve and work together to transition to zero emission vehicles.



Guangzhou Award Recognizes Excellence in Urban Innovation

In the face of sustainability challenges such as pollution, congestion, and inequality, the urban community proves resourceful in coming up with new and creative solutions. In an effort to provide a platform for cities/local governments to share and exchange their innovative experience – and ultimately to improve sustainability in the urban realm – United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), World Association of Major Metropolises, and City of Guangzhou established the Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation, or Guangzhou Award. 

Chinese cities gather in Wuhan to explore ways to lower GHG emissions and set peaking targets

C40, World Resources Institute (WRI) and China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) recently hosted a workshop in Wuhan, where 11 Chinese cities gathered to strategize and share best practices for developing greenhouse gas emission inventories and the roadmap to peak emissions. The workshop attracted over 50 senior officials and technical experts from nine C40 member cities.

Year in Review: C40’s 90 Member Cities Celebrate a Year of Milestones in Climate Action

2016 was a monumental year for C40, our member cities and our mayors. Not only did the Paris Agreement enter into force less than one year after COP21, but we also saw the number of C40 member cities grow to 90, representing more than 650 million citizens, and our Steering Committee unanimously elected the first-ever woman C40 Chair, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, to lead the organisation. Below, we look back at ten key moments that made 2016 a very productive and important year.