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La Alcaldesa De París, Anne Hidalgo, Junto Con Un Grupo De Importantes Representantes Políticas Lanzan Women4Climate, Una Iniciativa Para Conferir Un Mayor Poder A Las Mujeres Que Luchan Contra El Cambio Climático

La alcaldesa de París, Anne Hidalgo, lidera hoy a representantes políticas de todo el mundo en el lanzamiento de la iniciativa Women4Climate, cuyo objetivo es dar apoyo y homenajear a las líderes políticas que promueven acciones climáticas. Como la primera mujer presidenta de C40, la alcaldesa Anne Hidalgo pretende alentar a la comunidad internacional para que centre su atención en la conexión existente entre el género y los problemas climáticos. Esta iniciativa fue anunciada en la Cumbre de Alcaldes C40 de 2016, en Ciudad de México.

La Maire De Paris Anne Hidalgo Et Des Femmes Maires Lancent L’initiative Women4Climate

La Maire de Paris Anne Hidalgo et des femmes maires du monde entier lancent aujourd’hui l’initiative Women4Climate en soutien aux femmes leaders engagées dans la cause climatique. La première femme présidente du C40, Anne Hidalgo veut galvaniser la communauté internationale et attirer son attention sur le lien entre genre et climat. Cette annonce a eu lieu lors du Sommet des Maires 2016 à Mexico.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo And Powerful Women Mayors Launch Women4Climate Initiative To Empower Women Leaders In The Climate Fight

Today, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo leads women mayors from around the world in launching the Women4Climate initiative to help support and celebrate women leaders who are driving forward climate action. As the first woman chair of the C40, Mayor Hidalgo aims to galvanize the international community to focus on the nexus of gender and climate issues. The announcement was made at the C40 Mayors Summit 2016 in Mexico City.

World Summit Climate & Territories: A Photo Recap

Recently, at the World Summit Climate & Territories (WSCT) in Lyon, France, subnational and local governments and other non-state actors gathered to voice their most pressing concerns and priorities for global climate action. The event served as an international gathering for climate change leaders to set the agenda for the Paris Climate Conference, COP21, happening in December 2015.

10 Years of Results: Christiana Figueres on how cities are accelerating sustainable development

Last century was marked by unprecedented growth accompanied by unprecedented urbanization. Knowing now that much of this growth was enabled by enterprise that increases greenhouse gas emissions, this century’s challenge focuses on how to grow using a new model of development. As home to more than half of the world’s 7 billion people and one of the largest sources of emissions, cities are well situated to reshape social and economic growth and usher in an era of climate-safe, sustainable development.