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Building the Future

The C40 Building Energy 2020 (BE2020) Programme will help more than 50 global cities take action to address a significant source of urban emissions and pollution. Read more in this article from Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40; Sonia Medina, Executive Director of Climate Change, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation; and Dan Hamza-Goodacre, Director Buildings and Industry, ClimateWorks Foundation.  

Making our iconic city skylines better for the planet

Through C40’s Private Building Efficiency Network, cities work together to improve the energy efficiency of existing commercial and residential buildings. In 2014 several cities, led by Tokyo, developed the report Urban Efficiency: a global survey of building energy efficiency policies in cities. The report incorporated best practices from around the world, including financial incentives, sectoral benchmarking, and building optimisation programmes into city energy plans and roadmaps. Other cities used it as an evidence base to push for the introduction of new, ambitious building energy policies or expand already successful schemes. We hope the next instalment of this report will prove just as valuable.

C40 Joins U.S. Department of Energy Effort to Help Cities Manage Their Building Efficiency Data

The number of C40 cities introducing commercial building benchmarking policies has jumped from 12 in 2011 up to 30 in 2015. The reason behind this increase is simple: cities need more data on how energy is being consumed to formulate effective energy efficiency strategies. Turning this data into useful information, however, can be a daunting task, which is why C40 is pleased to join the U.S. Department of Energy’s SEED Platform Collaborative.