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Expert Voices: Improving Food Waste Management In Cities: An Opportunity to Change Our Planet for the Better

As urbanisation increases, more food is being produced and more food is being wasted. Particularly for cities, wasted food creates severe environmental and public health consequences. But it also presents opportunities to make a positive impact. It has been estimated that managing food waste sustainably could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 518 million tonnes per year globally, which is the equivalent of taking all the cars in the European Union off the road.

Building the Future

The C40 Building Energy 2020 (BE2020) Programme will help more than 50 global cities take action to address a significant source of urban emissions and pollution. Read more in this article from Mark Watts, Executive Director of C40; Sonia Medina, Executive Director of Climate Change, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation; and Dan Hamza-Goodacre, Director Buildings and Industry, ClimateWorks Foundation.  

Chinese cities gather in Wuhan to explore ways to lower GHG emissions and set peaking targets

C40, World Resources Institute (WRI) and China Quality Certification Centre (CQC) recently hosted a workshop in Wuhan, where 11 Chinese cities gathered to strategize and share best practices for developing greenhouse gas emission inventories and the roadmap to peak emissions. The workshop attracted over 50 senior officials and technical experts from nine C40 member cities.

China’s Green & Smart Opportunity

What makes a great city? The breadth and diversity of the C40 network might suggest that the unique circumstance of each city’s development makes it difficult to generalize. And yet years of urban planning experience have allowed experts to extract some basic principles on what a great city entails. Great cities have great parks. Great cities have fantastic public transit systems. Great cities are built for people, not cars. Great cities are sustainable.