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How cities can shape the future that autonomous vehicles promise

For more than a decade, C40 has been working with cities to develop and share policies and practices that help address climate change. We know that technological innovations cannot, in isolation, solve the challenges that cities face. Autonomous vehicle (AVs) technology is advancing at such a rate that it is now only a matter of time until AVs become the norm. Read more from C40 Executive Director Mark Watts. 

Financing the green revolution in cities – supporting C40 cities to overcome the finance barrier

Across the world, mayors of C40 member cities are developing their visions for a low carbon future. Yet they frequently report, as revealed in C40’s Unlocking Climate Action in Megacities report, that a lack of access to finance is one of the biggest barriers preventing cities from delivering those bold plans. C40 cities have the leadership, the powers and the determination to act on climate change, however too frequently lack the financing to take the necessary action. 

This week during the World Cities Summit in Singapore C40 and our partners Siemens and Citi have launched a detailed guidance document, to help cities looking for new models or techniques to finance sustainable infrastructure.