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The C40 Knowledge Hub launched in October of 2019 to provide city officials with a reliable source for content, with less time spent digging through long reports for takeaways relevant to their local contexts.

The primary goal of the Knowledge Hub is to equip city practitioners and policymakers with the practical information and tools they need to drive climate action in their cities. To accomplish this goal, our Knowledge Hub team identifies practical experiences, tried-and-tested approaches and insights from cities already working on climate issues, and share them in formats designed to be accessible and digestible.

Most of our resources have been created by our team specifically to address key questions: why, what, and how. Articles on the Knowledge Hub capture the case for action, profile the most impactful steps cities can take, and guide cities to implement them. The Hub also curates a growing set of practical resources and provide context to help decision-makers quickly understand why they are relevant; these originate from a variety of sources, including directly from city governments, C40 specialists, and other organisations including NGOs, think tanks and academic institutions.