The Climate Politics and Policy Intelligence (CPPI) Unit conducts evidence-based policy analysis; shares learnings with strategic local, national, and global actors; and provides strategic support to help inform city-level climate advocacy and advance C40’s goals of promoting a green and just recovery from COVID-19, enhancing global climate ambition, and building a coalition of cities committed to the principles of the Global Green New Deal.

The CPPI unit engages with strategic partners, including the International Climate Politics Hub (ICPH) and the 2050 Pathways Platform, to identify strategic opportunities to bolster ambitious short-term climate objectives relating to the nationally-determined contributions (NDC) of the Paris Agreement, as well as long-term climate planning focused on the development of strategies and commitments to net-zero targets. By ensuring that knowledge, information, and intelligence is effectively and consistently shared between C40 network and strategic partners, C40 leadership and member cities gain vital high-level analysis of national and global policy developments, surge moments, and key international processes (UNFCCC, G20) that can inform local, national, and global climate diplomatic strategies. This intelligence is also utilized by an influential group of high-profile political advisors and climate champions to conduct high-level political interventions and diplomatic activities at a global level.

The CPPI unit oversees and contributes to a number of high-level action-oriented briefing documents and other contributions to ensure the voice of cities is always reflected in key messaging and interventions related to global cooperation on climate action and green and just recovery. By gaining a more accurate assessment of the global climate community’s key priorities, C40’s diplomacy team can more effectively mobilize our network of cities to influence pivotal national, regional, and international decision-making and policymaking. These spaces also facilitate interaction among cities, reinforcing their sense of common identity, enabling collective action and strengthening the abilities of city diplomats in C40 cities.

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