Connecting cities with an ambition to achieve a green and just recovery

To promote strong city-led climate leadership in delivering inclusive climate action and a Global Green New Deal, C40 has launched the Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Forum. The objective is to support and connect cities with an ambition to drive policy changes and joint advocacy for the implementation of inclusive, local green new deals, a just transition and a green and just recovery from COVID-19.

Through peer-to-peer exchange, support and learning, this networking platform will:

  • Provide opportunities for cities to build their capacity to deliver better inclusive and equitable climate action, identify best and worst practices, common opportunities, challenges and new approaches to ensure climate actions and programmes are socially just. 
  • Facilitate city access to resources and tools that can guide cities in identifying more concrete ways of understanding, analysing and measuring inclusive and equitable impacts in the delivery of their climate strategies. 
  • Showcase city actions in delivering equitable outcomes and promote their link to delivering on the Equity Pledge
  • Provide opportunities for cities to work collaboratively with civil society stakeholders and tap into expertise on how to co-develop processes that are inclusive and empowering of key frontline communities. 

How is the ICA Forum linked to C40’s Global Green New Deal initiative?

In order to put the principles of the Global Green New Deal into implementable solutions, C40 is working with nine cities known to C40 as the Global Green New Deal/Inclusive Climate Action pilot cities to deliver local pilot projects. Drawing on the experiences of these nine cities, the ICA Forum will share key learnings and best practices with the different Forum cities. 

A select number of peer cities will receive more tailored peer-to-peer support, working closely with one of the pilot cities on a related area of interest. With their respective pilot cities, peer cities will drive a co-learning process on specific areas of inclusive climate action aligned with the delivery of each GGND pilot. All other ICA Forum members (that are not pilot or peer cities) are invited to participate in the Forum with a more light-touch approach mainly through webinars and ICA resource sharing.

Who can participate? 

All C40 member cities can participate. It is not necessary for cities to have committed to the Equity Pledge before joining, however, they should have strong interest and commitment in learning more about implementing inclusivity and equity through their climate actions. The Forum welcomes cities that are starting on their inclusive climate action journey and those who are keen to share lessons learned and experiences. A select number of non-C40 cities are also welcome but must demonstrate strong leadership on inclusion and equity through climate action. Partners, critical to the delivery of the Global Green New Deal coalition and campaign, will be invited to participate on a case by case basis following guidance and needs of member cities.