Connecting ports to decarbonise global supply chains

The Green Ports Forum provides a platform for peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, collaborative problem solving, joint approaches to standard setting, access to climate finance, and more. Through the Green Ports Forum, C40 helps cities and ports realise shared climate goals in a coordinated, equitable, and economically sustainable way.

Forum members are leading cities and ports with ambitious goals to mitigate air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and deliver positive health and economic benefits for communities.

C40 Green Ports Forum Working Groups

  1. Green Shipping Corridors
    Green Shipping Corridors (GSC) serve as a model for global maritime and supply chain emissions reduction. This working group identifies and facilitates GSC partnerships and enables collaboration between international GSC projects.
  2. Ports as Energy Hubs
    Shore power, electrification, and clean fuels are shaping a role for ports as energy hubs. This working group addresses shared challenges related to technological transformation, the development of common standards, and engagement with utilities, energy producers, and other stakeholders.
  3. Cities and Ports as Market-Makers
    Decarbonising supply chains creates demand for zero-emission technologies and creates green jobs. This working group leverages the Forum’s purchasing power to engage with innovators so that manufacturers and suppliers can act on these market changes and deliver zero-emission solutions at scale.
  4. Finance and Technical Assistance
    Globally, public and private finance is earmarked for sustainable infrastructure, and the energy transition is increasing. This working group connects members to resources to build capacity, secure technical assistance, and facilitate finance access, supporting members’ projects to become investment-ready.

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Participating cities: Auckland, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dubai, Durban, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York/Newark, Oslo, Rotterdam, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver, Yokohama.

For more information, contact Juvarya Veltkamp, Senior Advisor, Green Ports Forum: