Shifting all new bus procurements in leading Latin American cities to zero-emission technologies

Public transit is a key mode of low-carbon, affordable, and accessible mobility, especially in Latin America, the world’s most urbanized region. But urban bus fleets used by hundreds of millions of citizens are still powered by high-polluting diesel engines, which are responsible for large shares of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other pollutants.

For cities to address these challenges, zero-emission buses are a crucial tool, delivering not only tremendous GHG reductions, especially when coupled with Latin America’s increasingly low-carbon electricity grid, but also drastically improving urban air quality. Zero emission buses also allow for considerable financial gains, thanks to reduced operational and maintenance costs.

To ensure that all future buses in Latin America are zero emission, ZEBRA focuses its efforts in the following areas:

  • Cities
    Guarantee ambitious political commitments in Medellín, Mexico City, Santiago, and São Paulo towards zero-emission buses and translate these into fleet-wide deployment strategies and innovative business models to support the establishment of a procurement pipeline of over 3,600 e-buses in the region.
  • Bus industry
    Make new technology available by securing commitments from bus manufacturers and industry partners to increase the availability of zero-emission bus products in the region.
  • Financial institutions
    Secure USD 1 billion in investment in zero-emission bus projects from major investors and establish context-specific financial mechanisms to support a continuous pipeline of investable projects.
  • Knowledge sharing
    Share best practices for bus electrification between C40 cities and other major cities in Latin America leading the transition, through a regional working group and annual events; deliver training to selected operators in these cities.
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