The World is Watching Cities

COP21 brought cities into the spotlight. C40 is proud to help shine that light a little brighter. Because cities and mayors are acting now, and we're right beside them as they become necessary leaders in this important cause.

As the world moves forward from Paris, we're showcasing stories that help explain why cities are so vitally important for implementing on the goals set forth in that historic accord. 

What's Next on the Road from Paris?

COP21 was a huge success, and city leaders left Paris with a renewed sense of purpose – but now the real work begins.

The Paris Agreement can only be brought to life with full support from all those involved, including national, regional and local leaders. The 1.5°C target means that cities and city leaders are more crucial than ever to the global fight against climate change; this goal cannot be achieved without effective climate action in cities.

Although the Paris Agreement comes into force in 2020, C40’s mayors are acting now, and are helping to ensure that the world is better able to transition to a low-carbon development pathway, avoid carbon lock in, and create smart and sustainable cities.

As part of the UNFCCC’s #ParisAgreement #Means4Me social media campaign, C40’s Executive Director Mark Watts explains above what the historic agreement means to cities, mayors, and organizations like C40 that support them.

From the Office of the Chair


C40 Chair and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes is a global ambassador for cities. Learn more about this important thought leader and check back over the next few weeks as Mayor Paes presents the most important stories impacting mayors today, from his home city and the rest of C40's 80+ Cities on the #RoadToParis.