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Join the Quito Women4Climate Mentorship Programme!

C40 is looking for young women ready to change the world. WANTED: Women whose projects are revolutionizing future lifestyles, tackling climate change and engaging citizens in their cities.

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NEW REPORT: Consumption based GHG emissions of C40 cities

New research by C40 Cities, the University of Leeds, University of New South Wales, and Arup examines the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with goods and services consumed by residents of cities such as food, clothing, electronic equipment, airplane travel, delivery trucks and construction industries. The findings reveal a detailed picture of the supply chains and sphere of impact that mayors, businesses and citizens can potentially influence with their climate action.

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New report: A guide to achieving zero carbon cities

C40 and McKinsey recently published ‘Focused Acceleration’, a report that aims to enable mayors to assess the ambition of their own climate plans against the modelled analysis produced by McKinsey and Arup. The analysis showed that if resources were concentrated on a small number of key policies and actions across the majority of cities, then C40 members can demonstrate that it is possible to cut emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement targets.

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Mayors of 13 Pioneering Cities Commit to Create Green and Healthy Streets

Mayors pledge to procure only zero-emission buses from 2025 and ensure that major areas of their city are zero emission by 2030.

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Reinvent Your City! Learn more about our global urban design competition!

Calling all architects, developers, environmentalists, neighborhood groups, innovators and artists! You are all welcome to participate in Reinventing Cities –– learn more about our meet-ups here.

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Global climate action community gathers at the CITIES IPCC Conference

The Cities & Climate Change Science Conference, held in Edmonton, Canada from March 5-7, brought together academics, policymakers, scientists, and development experts to establish a blueprint to better understand the impacts of climate change on cities.

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