The World is Watching Cities

As COP 21 approaches, the world's media has increased its focus on cities -- and for good reason. Cities are at the center of climate action, having enacted more than 8,000 measures, policies, and programmes to address climate issues since C40 started measuring.

As a primer to the pivotal meeting in Paris, we've gathered stories that help explain why a global agreement on climate change matters, and why cities are so important to the success of any agreement. 


Partners are investing in C40 because #CitiesAreKey

Since 2009, Arup has worked with C40 to develop strategic pieces of research that have been central to progressing our understanding of how cities contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Arup and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) have announced the formation of a collaborative global partnership. Over the next three years, Arup will invest $1 million into research through the partnership with C40, which will help to improve the measurement, management and strategic planning of climate action in cities. 

This video provides snapshots of urban landscapes around the world, and highlights the important work both Arup and C40 are doing to help cities accelerate action on global climate change.

From the Office of the Chair


C40 Chair and Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes is a global ambassador for cities. Learn more about this important thought leader and check back over the next few weeks as Mayor Paes presents the most important stories impacting mayors today, from his home city and the rest of C40's 75+ Cities on the #RoadToParis.