Benefits Research Programme

Enabling Inclusive Climate Action

C40 is launching an enabling research programme on the benefits of inclusive climate action. This programme recognises the enormity of the challenge but also the scale of the opportunity: 

The time for urgent climate action is now. C40 cities must deliver 14,000 actions by 2020 and reach net zero emissions by 2050 to achieve the Paris Agreement’s aspiration for a 1.5 degree world.

Making the case for climate action is one of the leading challenges cities face to undertaking ambitious urban climate action. Cities need the evidence and tools to make a stronger case, enabling the staggering increase in the scale and pace of action required.

Inclusive climate action has a range of wider benefits for the health and prosperity of cities and their citizens. The benefits of urban climate action – from green jobs and growth, to active, happier lives and cleaner air and water – have an immediate, tangible impact on people’s lives. Inclusive climate actions tackle multiple mayoral priorities simultaneously and deliver multiple benefits to all segments of the population, and ultimately result in more transformational climate solutions.


Results and Reports

Air Quality

Building on two years of work funded by Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. and conducted in collaboration with BuroHappold, C40 benefits research has identified a set of priority actions that cities can take to tackle climate change and air pollution simultaneously, placing the transport, buildings and industry sectors at the top of the list. The research, shows that if C40’s 96-member cities take the ambitious actions outlined to achieve clean transport, buildings and industry, in combination with a decarbonised grid, the resulting benefits would include: an 87% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions, a 49% reduction in PM2.5 levels, 223,000 premature deaths averted and up to $583 billion in economic benefit.

Twenty-five participating C40 cities have trialled the methodology and proposed ambitious measures for the transport, buildings and energy sectors that tackle both air pollution and GHG emissions. Discover their story.

Case studies 2018

Case Studies 2017


Walking and Cycling

The Benefits of Walking and Cycling research is built upon three years of forward-thinking work with Novo Nordisk, supporting 18 C40 cities to provide the evidence base for the health, economic and climate benefits of walking and cycling. Working with the C40 Walking & Cycling Network, we are translating the outcomes from our leading research into a cutting edge, easy-to-use tool, to empower cities to measure the benefits in their own cities, along with additional resources and case studies to provide additional context to this work.


Case Studies


Piloting a Global Approach to Benefits Measurement

This report presents initial findings from piloting a global approach to benefits measurement. C40, in partnership with Novo Nordisk and Ramboll, undertook ground breaking research to develop and test a standard approach to measuring the benefits of climate action.