Public transport connects us – to our loved ones, our communities, our jobs and our cities

Using public transport instead of driving is one of the most effective actions that people can take to help stop the climate crisis. To encourage its use, we must ensure that every person living in an urban area has access to safe, affordable and frequent public transport that is within a 10 minute walk from their home.

World leaders must invest in a green and just recovery that collectively doubles the proportion of public transport journeys in cities, and advances a just transition to zero-emissions public transport by 2030. Without this transformation, it simply won’t be possible for countries to deliver on the urgent goal to halve emissions this decade and limit the global temperature rise to 1.5°C.

Co-created by C40 and the International Transport Workers’ Federation, the campaign “The Future is Public Transport” urges global leaders to push for positive change and invest in our future, to drive economic stimulus that will create millions of good quality, green jobs and accelerate climate action. Sustainable, long-term investment in public transport will reduce the number of polluting vehicles on our streets, helping to clean up the air we breathe and create better health and quality of life for all.

Public transport must double in cities over the next decade to meet 1.5°C target

Mayors of some of the world’s leading cities, union leaders, transport workers, transport authorities and civil society united at COP26 to call on the world’s governments to prioritise sustainable long-term investment in public transport or risk climate breakdown.

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