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In October 2022, the City of Buenos Aires hosted the C40 World Mayors Summit, bringing together global mayors alongside business leaders, philanthropists, campaigners, youth leaders, scientists and residents. 

Participants stood #UnitedInAction to showcase solutions and city climate leadership around three key pillars:

  • a fair and inclusive pandemic recovery
  • wellbeing cities
  • the urgent need for climate finance

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The 2022 C40 World Mayors Summit brought together the mayors of global and regional cities to share bold ideas and showcase innovative solutions.

Hear directly from cities on how they are taking action to create a sustainable, prosperous and equitable future for all:

The Road to COP27

Mayors from around the world had a clear message for global leaders attending the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27): The best way to protect people everywhere from rising prices, polluted air and extreme weather, and to secure good jobs in fairer societies, is to invest in cleaner, greener cities, not fossil fuels.

C40 showcased how mayors around the world are driving climate action and worked with partners at COP27 to ensure:

1.    We keep halving emissions by 2030 on the agenda to keep the world on track, protect people from climate impacts, ensure energy security and create and protect good green jobs
for all.

2.    Cities get the financial and technical support they need to take further and faster climate action – particularly on adaptation.

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