Nature breathes life into our cities

Designing and deploying natural solutions in our cities protects residents, wildlife and city infrastructure from extreme heat, flood, drought, sea level rise and storms. Building with nature and ensuring green and blue spaces are accessible to all residents creates opportunities for healthy and sustainable livelihoods, from improving our physical and mental health to bettering employment and economic outcomes.

We must build with nature as we recover from COVID-19, and ensure natural spaces are accessible to all. Study after study shows that equitable access to urban nature is beneficial for both people and the environment; and that it helps cities to adapt and respond to the current and future impacts of climate change.

To illustrate the impact that climate solutions rooted in nature could have in cities around the world, we produced a short series of videos, available to watch below.

Campaign videos

Welcome to Freetown the Tree Town
Why Do Cities Need Nature?
A ‘Letter To Nature’ by Luleka Mhlanzi

Letters to nature

As part of this campaign to highlight the importance of urban nature in our everyday lives, we invited mayors and thought leaders write a ‘Letter to Nature’ – click on a photo below to read each letter.