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The Baibuting Community is located in the Jiangan District, Wuhan. It covers an area of 4 square kilometers and has a population of 130,000. It has been recognised as a ‘national culturally advanced community’ and is one of the communities to win the “China Habitat Environment Example Prize”.

In June 2014, at the “2014 Low Carbon Model of Low Carbon China” press conference held in Shenzhen during the Low Carbon City International Forum, the Baibuting community was the only community in the whole Hubei Province to win the title of “Low Carbon China – Low Carbon, Model Community”.

What is the Innovation?

Several low carbon and energy saving solutions:

  • The main low carbon and energy saving methods adopted by Baibuting include:
  • Ground source heat pumps;
  • Aquatic phytoremediation and artificially intensified wetland to treat wastewater;
  • Stairways, elevators, and garages equipped with LED lights;
  • Solar lawn lights used for landscaping; Solar mosquito killers; Solar thermal insulation films for residential housing windows.

Green’ transportation system:

  • Another key feature of Baibuting is its low carbon transportation system, whose main characteristics are:
  • Restrict the use of fossil fuel-based cars;
  • Promote a slow traffic system by building bicycle lanes and sidewalks;
  • An intelligent transportation system that uses modern high-tech, electronics, communications, computers, GPS, and more to improve the systematic connection of transportation modes, reducing transportation costs while improving operational efficiency.

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Baibuting community (CHI)

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Wan Cheng

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Key Impact
Several low carbon and energy saving solutions, and a green transportation system have been rolled out by and for the members of the community.
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