Chairman Dr. Chu Ngoc Anh, Elected

Case Studies

In response to the increasing amount of solid waste in Hanoi, and as a way to mitigate plastic waste, in 2019 the city has engaged with relevant stakeholders in order to collect, sort, and recycle milk cartons at kindergardens and elementary schools. The program significantly helps in reducing the amount of milk cartons that are dumped in landfills, returns the waste into resources, and forms waste-sorting habits among young people for a healthy and livable lifestyle.

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The Hanoi Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) Program will develop an integrated public transport system in six districts of Hanoi that will support effective utilization of the Hanoi’s Metro Line 3. Improved public transport will greatly enhance access, as well as support the Hanoi Urban Transport Master Plan’s (HUTMP) objective of increasing public transport ridership of over 40% and reducing dependency on private vehicles.

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