Cleaning the air we breathe

The Air Quality Network convenes C40 cities to share best practices for developing and implementing air quality solutions that meet public health, equity and climate goals. 

Senior technical staff from nearly 50 cities in the network collaborate on air quality management, covering topics such as:

  • Air pollution monitoring and modelling
    Improving air quality data collection and analysis using new technologies to identify sources, raise awareness, track progress, evaluate risk, and enforce local policies.
  • Health impact analyses
    Assessing local public health impacts of air pollution, or the health benefits of local action in cities.
  • Equity and justice
    Advancing solutions that mitigate inequities and protect vulnerable and marginalised communities that are disproportionately exposed to air pollution.
  • Policy implementation
    Identifying and implementing high-impact actions that address the most polluting sources within cities.

C40’s Air Technical Assistance Quality Programme has worked closely with select pilot cities to create innovative air quality action models that can be replicated elsewhere. Examples include the ‘Breathe London‘ pilot, which applied new approaches to air quality monitoring.