About the programme

The Air Quality Technical Assistance Programme supports cities to develop and implement air quality and climate solutions via direct assistance and projects developed in collaboration with city staff. 

Through the 2019–2020 ‘Integrating Climate Action Planning and Air Quality’ (CAP-AQ) climate action plan initiative, the programme built new tools to evaluate how much policy interventions can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. The tools – Pathways AQ and Air Quality through Urban Action – allow city staff to estimate how climate action can improve local air quality, benefit public health, and meet sustainability targets. 

Ongoing projects focus on designing and deploying air quality monitoring networks, supporting public outreach, and developing emission reduction policy roadmaps. In partnership with the Clean Air Fund, from 2022–2024, C40 is supporting Bangalore, Bogotá, Mexico City, Delhi, Jakarta, Lima, Quezon City, and Rio de Janeiro in their ambitious goals to improve urban air quality. The projects assist cities with:

  • Air quality data analysis and management.
  • Air pollution and health impact analyses, including assessing the impact of policy actions such as zero- or low-emission zones, vehicle emissions testing programmes, vehicle electrification, and freight measures.
  • Developing communication strategies to generate support for the implementation of clean air policies and programmes. 

The African Cities for Clean Air programme also provides technical assistance to cities in the region.

Access the summary reports below to learn more about projects supported by C40’s Air Quality Technical Assistance Programme: