• At the C40 World Mayors Summit, mayors unite to drive the creation of 50 million good, green jobs by 2030
  • Led by C40 Chair and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, cities continue to demonstrate that they are at the forefront of action to tackle the climate emergency
  • C40 research shows investing in urban climate action will halve emissions and create a third more jobs than continuing with business as usual 
  • Jobs will be created across sectors like construction, transport, energy and health and care industries. 

As the World Mayors Summit commences in Buenos Aires, C40 Cities, led by Chair and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, have united to spearhead the creation of 50 million good, green jobs by the end of the decade.

C40 mayors represent hundreds of millions of residents and a quarter of the global economy. In a landmark collaboration, scores of mayors are today setting out the actions they are taking to deliver good, green jobs in cities around the world. From transforming homes, schools and workplaces so they’re energy-efficient to delivering state-of-the-art public transport systems, mayors are using their powers to create concrete green jobs. London, for example, has committed to double the size of the green economy to £100 billion by 2030, an ambition that would kick-start greater job growth over the next decade. 

C40 research shows 50 million green jobs are needed for C40 cities to deliver their fair share of halving emissions in line with the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global heating to 1.5 degree Celsius. Comprehensive climate action by C40 cities would result in over 30% more jobs compared to today’s “business-as-usual” economic approach which is responsible for the climate and economic damage we are witnessing. It could also reduce air pollution by up to 30% and deliver $280 billion health-related economic benefits in C40 cities, driven by a reduction in fossil fuel use.

C40 cities are taking forward-thinking, innovative and immediate action to ensure green jobs offer real living wages and decent working standards, and that they benefit women, young people and underrepresented groups. Good, green jobs will help to create healthier, fairer communities – communities with rejuvenated economies and lower unemployment that are no longer tied to the fossil fuels which have long exacerbated energy poverty around the world. 

Today’s record announcement is a direct response to the multiple and interlinked global challenges the world is confronting. The last few years have brought with them a devastating loss of life and a spike in unemployment not seen for generations. This is compounded by volatile inflation, a rising cost of living and the worsening climate crisis which locks millions of households into the unthinkable decisions of whether to eat or heat their homes. 

As world leaders prepare to gather at COP27 next month, the message from C40 mayors is clear: They stand together to drive the creation of 50 million, green jobs by 2030. However, cities can’t do this alone. Governments, private sector and unions must work hand in hand with cities to deliver. Actions taken now at the global, national and city level will have consequences for decades to come, and improve the lives of millions of citizens, their families and communities across the globe.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London and Chair of C40 Cities, said: “Investing in the jobs and skills of the future will help us to tackle inequality as we tackle the climate crisis. I’m so proud to stand united in action with my fellow C40 city mayors to drive the creation of 50 million good, green jobs by the end of this decade. London will lead by example as we double the size of our green economy and establish good, green jobs accessible within communities that need them most. There is no time to waste. The best time to act on good, green jobs was yesterday, the next best time is today.”

Buenos Aires Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said: “The city of Buenos Aires is committed to strengthening its engagement with local and international businesses to create good, green jobs. We will track information on green jobs, and publish it to inspire and accelerate change. Together, we can work united in action to invest, upskill and establish the workforce of tomorrow.”

Kate Gallego, Mayor of Phoenix and C40 Vice Chair for Green Jobs, said: “The climate crisis presents an enormous challenge, but also offers an incredible opportunity for transformation. Cities are implementing policies and programs that empower residents to capitalize on good-paying jobs in emerging markets, like the electric vehicle and solar industries. Phoenix is proud to be part of the global movement that is investing to make training and good jobs accessible, while we maximize potential to improve quality of life and foster a healthier world.”

Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan and C40 Vice Chair for a Green and Just Recovery, said: “The Green and Just Recovery that global cities are striving for needs green, good jobs that will support citizens facing the energy crisis, the climate emergency and the social and economic impact of the pandemic. C40 research and mayoral commitment prove that more jobs can be created through inclusive climate action than business as usual, simultaneously catering for a healthier environment, a fairer job market and improving the sustainability of cities. This will also engage governments, businesses, unions, youth, civil society.”

Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona and C40 Vice Chair for Climate Justice, said: “The economic crisis and the climate crisis go together and the solution will not be a fair one if it is not green, nor will it be green if it is not fair. That is why Barcelona, through actions such as the well-known Superblocks, among others, is managing to generate more than 44,000 green jobs. But it is not enough: we must demand more from those who pollute the most and those who benefit the most from this crisis, and ensure that everyone can pay for their housing, fill the fridge and turn on the heating. Ensuring a fair winter must be the top priority.”

Joy Belmonte, Mayor of Quezon City, said: “Quezon City’s vision of a livable, green and sustainable city is centered on building an economy that ensures equitable access to environmental goods now and in the future. We believe that creating jobs that sustain a healthy environment provides equal benefits to nature and people, especially the marginalized. Thus, programs on sustainable food consumption, clean energy, ecological transport and circular economy, among others, are actively pursued, while climate financing to support more green investments and jobs are also explored.”

Randall Williams, Mayor of Tshwane, said: “In the year 2020, the City of Tshwane endorsed an MOU with Wouldn’t it be Cool with the aim of exploring new initiatives within urban agricultural sector. A number of young people have been exposed through various training programmes that will potentially launch them to become “agri-preneurs”, and in the meantime the City is working through its administrative processes to provide the needed support for this new cohort of entrepreneurs.”

Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, said “There are millions of jobs in the transition. We welcome the commitment and urge mayors to sign and to implement the social dialogue processes that build trust for working people and their families in a just transition. Jobs, living wages and social protection are at the core of livable and thriving cities.”

View an interactive dashboard of city programmes on good green jobs. 

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