C40 is pleased to announce the release of the GPC Interactive Dashboard, an exciting new tool that allows users to explore and compare the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of C40 member cities reported through the Global Protocol for Community-scale GHG Emission Inventories (GPC).

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The GPC Interactive Dashboard is part of a growing suite of C40 analytic tools powered by member city data, allowing member cities and the public to explore the efforts and progress C40 cities are collectively making in reducing the causes and impacts of climate change.

A city’s ability to take effective action on mitigating climate change, and monitor progress, depends on having access to good quality data on GHG emissions. Planning for climate action begins with measuring GHG emissions. By providing a framework for credible emissions accounting and reporting practices, and the tools with which to access that data, the GPC Interactive Dashboard will help cities create and manage targeted climate action plans and monitor their progress towards their goals over time, and their performance relative to peers.

The Interactive Dashboard tool has been developed by C40’s Measurement and Planning team in collaboration with C40’s newly-formed City Intelligence Team (CIT), a team dedicated to providing data products that drive peer-driven insights, connectivity and networking, and overall performance improvements. 

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