The Governor of Cairo, Galal Mustafa Said, recently hosted C40’s Regional Director for Africa, Hastings Chikoko, at his office in Cairo to discuss the city’s climate change plans and activities.

During the meeting, Governor Said emphasized his commitment to the work of C40, and said:

 “Climate change is a very important subject today and we are committed to working with C40 and making Cairo a resilient city. We have already started implementing some activities in key sectors such as waste management, transport and energy. The Cairo Governorate office building currently uses solar energy.”

The Governor indicated that Cairo has established a robust solid waste management plant to reduce emissions from waste and is working on improving systems for solid waste management, working closely with private companies.

The City of Cairo has also focused on improving mass transit systems, as well as transforming some parts of the city – especially the capital's downtown area – to make the city more livable and clean. To give new momentum to climate change activities in the city, Governor Said stressed the importance of reviewing Cairo’s climate change strategy and action plan.

During the visit, C40’s Regional Director met with senior city officials and officials from the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs to discuss areas where C40 can most effectively engage Cairo in sharing best practice with the global C40 network.

Cairo Governor Galal Mustafa Said (left) meets with C40 Regional Director Hastings Chikoko (Photo: Cairo Public Relations Department)

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