C40 has a reputation for delivering cutting-edge research that supports its network of cities to take climate action. One of our well-developed networks, the Green Growth Network, is working to share best practices and lessons learned on the drivers of the green economy and economic growth in cities, which could help make the case for climate action.

The C40 Green Growth Network aims to better understand the relationship between environmental and industrial policy as well as the growth of the green economy. Conversations between C40 cities have revealed two significant barriers to measuring the size and nature of the green economy in cities. Firstly, the variation in the definition of the low carbon or green economy and its supply chain and, secondly, the differing methodologies that cities are using to measure economic activity within this sector.

At a Green Growth Network workshop, three C40 cities – Copenhagen, London and Portland – agreed to work together to pursue a joint approach to measuring the size and nature of their green economies, starting with measurement of the Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS) as a proxy for the green economy. Since this workshop, Oslo, Sydney, Vancouver, and New York City have also agreed to participate.

Participants in C40’s Green Growth Workshop held in Copenhagen in October 2015,
including Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen (center)

C40 has now published a call for expression of interest to develop a shared approach to measuring the size and nature of the EGSS in C40 cities. We anticipate this project taking approximately six months. The participating cities have a maximum (combined) available budget of US$166,250 for delivery of work.

More details about the project scope, research objectives, and application procedure can be found on the Expression of Interest Form. All interested parties should complete the Expression of Interest Form and send an electronic copy to mridgway@c40.org by 29 January 2016.

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