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As C40, mayors, and global leaders gather in New York City for the UN Climate Ambition Summit, cities share how they are leading a green and just transition, transforming communities and creating good, green jobs.

Growing resilience in Quezon City

Quezon City highlights the impact of their agriculture programme, GrowQC, which is helping make food systems more secure and creating good, green jobs in urban farming.

Building green skills in London

Mayor of London and C40 Chair Sadiq Khan showcases the city’s green jobs skills programme, which is supporting residents to gain skills in the sectors of the future.

Melbourne’s net-zero transition

Lord Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp highlights how the city’s net-zero transition will deliver up to $680 billion to the Australian economy and create an additional 250,000 jobs.

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Decarbonising Hong Kong, China

The Environment and Ecology Bureau of Hong Kong, China, show workers at one of the city’s recycling centres; the city says there are 800+ workers in the sector, contributing to the city’s good, green jobs total.

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Powering Cape Town sustainably

Mayor of Cape Town Geordin Hill-Lewis shares how the city’s plans to transition to clean energy will create good, green jobs.

Collaborating and accelerating green jobs in Rio de Janeiro

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Eduardo Paes discusses the C40 Inclusive Climate Action Academy that the city hosted last week; cities gathered to learn from one another how to accelerate the delivery of good, green jobs and a just transition away from fossil fuels.

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Learn more about Rio de Janeiro’s leadership from C40’s thread:

Amman’s vision for the future

Amman highlights the ‘Amman Bus’ programme; delivered in 2019, the programme improved local public transportation and increased residents’ ability to access work.

Striving for an inclusive and green future in Barcelona

Mayor of Barcelona Jaume Collboni describes how Barcelona strives to be a sustainable city where everyone can thrive.

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Tel Aviv-Yafo’s sustainable neighbourhoods

City leaders describe Tel Aviv-Yafo’s urban planning projects focused on creating sustainable and thriving communities.

Living green in Toronto

Live Green Toronto highlights the array of projects and initiatives that are part of its green jobs programmes, which create good, sustainable employment opportunities for 60,000 people in the city.

Green growth in Vancouver

Vancouver’s Economic Commission highlights how the city’s commitment to creating good, green jobs contributes to Vancouver’s 2030 goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

New York City is cleaning up construction

Alongside C40 mayors, Mayor of New York City Eric Adams joined C40’s Clean Construction Accelerator; the accelerator strives to shift the global construction industry towards a more sustainable future, which will help create green jobs in the process.

Revitalising Los Angeles

Mayor of Los Angeles Karen Bass shares how the city is creating good, green jobs by restoring land that was previously used by the oil industry.

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