For this week’s Awards spotlight, we’re focusing on this year’s six #Cities4Energy finalists that are expanding clean and renewable energy in cities & making it easier and more affordable for residents to live more sustainably. Learn more about the Awards here.


The Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover works to retrofit homes with the twinned goals of providing energy efficiency upgrades and helping lower-income Knoxville families save on their utility bills by engaging community members and local contractors to carry out projects which have already led to significant  savings.



The Austin's Energy Solar Program has managed to expand solar power within Austin at a massive scale, all the while raising electricity rates by no more than 2% per year in support of the long-term goals to not only expand solar power, but develop new methods of energy storage, metering and net-zero building design. 


Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Retrofit Chicago program partners with countless local organizations to alleviate the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on city residents and Chicago's existing buildings.  


Qingdao's clean energy plan commits to the goal of reducing 215 million tonnes of coal consumed in the energy reduction process by retrofitting existing boilers and subsidizing new clean energy infrastructure. 


Vancouver's Green Buildings Programme has worked to make the city more sustainable and resilient by promoting the affordability and practicality of green housing, changing the city's building bylaws for a lasting impact.


Copenhagen's energy surveillance program makes the city the first in the world to have a completely centralized building monitoring system, setting a precedent for ambitious climate action and more accessible data.

Check back next week for our Cities4ZeroWaste spotlight, and check out our Cities4Tomorrow and Cities4Mobility spotlights!!

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