The C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards 2017 ceremony will take place in Chicago during the North American Climate Summit in December. For this week’s Awards spotlight, we’re focusing on the #Cities4Tomorrow finalists working to build the resilient, greener cities of our future. Learn more about the Awards here.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong's Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Project works to minimize the risk of landslides facing the city and strengthen the local environment so as to safeguard Hong Kong residents in the face of more extreme weather events as climate change progresses.



The Rotterdam Roofscape project has developed models for four different kinds of roofs – green, blue, yellow and red – which include elements of vegetation, stormwater collection, renewable energy production and recreational infrastructure to work towards building a more resilient city.

San Francisco

In collaboration with the Department of Public Health, San Francisco has developed a forward-thinking set of solutions to health risks produced by climate change which shows how global climate change impacts us on a local level and evaluates areas of need based on resiliency, flood threats and heat vulnerability.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.'s Climate Ready D.C. plan has no identified end date in sight, establishing a long-term commitment to climate resiliency which will impact the city's transportation, buildings, neighborhood design and policy structure.


Wuhan's plan to rehabilitate and revitalize the Yangtze River embankment will massively reduce localized pollution and make space for alternative modes of transportation, green space and recreation.

Check back next week for our Cities4Mobility spotlight!

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