C40 and University of Toronto Press are pleased to launch the Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy (JCCPE), which offers peer-reviewed research, analysis and commentary to support cities in delivering ambitious climate action and equitable near-term climate outcomes.

JCCPE will empower mayors, policymakers and urban practitioners through a mix of content that addresses the pressing issues decision-makers face, while highlighting new ways of economic thinking through an urban climate policy lens.  The journal will feature examples of concrete actions and approaches to transformational change, recognising the central role of the public sector while providing a positive vision and narrative for city leadership. Coverage will be informed by the climate challenges and needs identified by C40 cities, with a focus on human-centered solutions to today’s most pressing climate challenges.

Jessica Mosher, Chief Executive Officer, University of Toronto Press, said: “Bridging the gap between academics and practitioners, JCCPE’s timely peer-reviewed research will support the rapidly evolving needs of cities, their citizens, and policymakers. University of Toronto Press is proud to contribute to these important steps forward in climate action.”

Isabel Sitcov, Managing Editor of JCCPE, said: “The journal aims to influence global political discourse by providing mayors, policymakers and urban practitioners with the evidence and research required to support the implementation of progressive and equitable climate action, and to counter arguments designed to disrupt those efforts. This will ultimately help to provide cities with clear, actionable solutions to address the challenges they face.”

JCCPE’s editorial team includes David Miller, Managing Director of the C40 Centre for City Climate Policy and Economy and Editor in Chief of JCCPE; Rachel Huxley, C40 Director of Knowledge and Research and  Deputy Editor of JCCPE; and Isabel Sitcov, Managing Editor of JCCPE and the C40 Centre for City Climate Policy and Economy. The journal will be guided by an editorial board of leading economists, academics and city practitioners.

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