About the Centre

The scope and urgency of the climate crisis demands transformative action. Cities have a critical role to play by demonstrating how purposeful, mission-oriented policies and investments can lead to the systemic change that both science and society demand.

Launched in 2022, the Centre brings together mayors, world-class researchers, city practitioners, leading economists and academics to develop an evidence-based approach and elevate the economic and political strategies urgently needed to stop climate breakdown.

Through peer-reviewed research, thought leadership and events, the Centre will use its convening power to explore and provoke new ways of economic thinking and practical actions to accelerate the transformative changes needed to limit global heating to 1.5°C, and create resilient, equitable cities.


Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy

The Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy (JCCPE), published in partnership with the University of Toronto Press, offers timely, evidence-based research that contributes to the urban climate agenda and supports transformational governmental policy towards an equitable and resilient world. 

The Journal aims to empower mayors, policymakers, and urban practitioners through analysis, policy, and models of concrete actions that reinvent and reinvigorate the idea of progressive and purposeful government-led action.

Recent publications

A Research Agenda for Transformative Urban Climate Action
Rachel Huxley, Brenna Walsh, Cathy Oke, et al.

How to Lead Collaborative Governance for Climate Transformation: A Guide for City Leaders and Decision Makers
Trond Vedeld, Hege Hofstad

Accountability is Imperative to Keeping the 1.5 Degree Goal of the Paris Agreement Alive
Zainab Waheed

Cities 1.5 Podcast

The Cities 1.5 Podcast features progressive policy conversations with urban leaders taking action to limit global heating to 1.5°C. David Miller, Managing Director of the C40 Centre for City Climate Policy and Economy, is joined by mayors, city practitioners, economists, youth leaders and academics to discuss pressing policy and economic issues that cities encounter in their efforts to lead on transformational climate action.

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