About the Centre

The scope and urgency of the climate crisis demands transformative action. Cities have a critical role to play by demonstrating how purposeful, mission-oriented policies and investment can lead to the systemic change that both science and society demand.

The Centre will bring together world-class researchers, city practitioners, leading economists and academics to develop an evidence-based approach and elevate the economic and political strategies that are urgently needed to stop climate breakdown.

Through peer-reviewed articles, op-eds and podcasts, the Centre will leverage C40’s access to city data and unique convening power to explore new economic thinking and ways of accelerating the transformative changes necessary to keep global heating to 1.5°C and create resilient, equitable cities.

What resources will the Centre provide?

  • Analysis, commentary and research, showcasing effective government-led climate action.
  • The peer-reviewed Journal of City Climate Policy and Economy, published in partnership with the University of Toronto Press, offering original articles on near-term urban climate measures and key policy areas that can deliver an equitable and resilient world.
  • Access to the most advanced economic thought on city climate action that aims to accelerate transformative systems change.

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