The City of Athens recently completed Phase 2 on the road to becoming compliant with the Compact of Mayors by developing a greenhouse gas emissions inventory. The inventory is changing the way Athens measures and manages their emissions data, says Mayor Georgios Kaminis.

“We started this process from scratch. Until very recently no data were centrally collected and no systematic process existed to update, validate and monitor any data generated by the various city directories.”

He credits the inventory in helping Athens identify areas where they can improve municipal operations and reduce costs. “By acting against climate change, other co-benefits follow for the economy and society as a whole.”

The inventory has also identified heatwaves as the city’s main climatic threat. “More than 200 deaths are related to heat each summer in our city and we immediately took concrete action to protect our vulnerable population most affected by this increasing weather phenomenon,” Kaminis says.

Athens’ inventory was developed using the internationally recognized best practice GPC standard, with technical assistance from C40. 

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