Good Practice Guides


As cities around the world look for ways to implement the Paris Declaration and meet the ambition of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), C40 is showcasing 100 real world examples of projects and approaches that have already proved successful in our member cities.

C40's Good Practice Guides offer mayors and urban policymakers roadmaps for tackling climate change, reducing climate risk and encouraging sustainable urban development. 

With 100 case studies taken from cities of every size, geography and stage of development around the world, the Good Practice Guides provide tangible examples of climate solutions that other cities can learn from. 

The Good Practice Guides identify nearly 70 categories of good practice for climate change actions in energytransportsolid waste managementurban planningadaptation and finance. C40 hopes that cities within our network and beyond will be able to adapt and replicate the concrete examples and approaches highlighted in the Guides. This will allow cities to take meaningful action on climate change more quickly, at a lower cost and achieve greater impact than if they were acting alone.

Download the guides below:


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