With the support of C40 through the UCAP CAI programme, Bogotá is pioneering the training of women as e-bus drivers, marking a significant shift towards gender equity and environmental responsibility in urban transportation.

La Rolita, Bogotá’s first public transportation operator with a 100% electric fleet, deploys 195 electric buses covering 11 routes, benefiting over 35,000 users.

To ensure that the city can reliably continue the roll-out of e-buses across the city, it must ensure that drivers, particularly women drivers who are traditionally underrepresented in the transport sector, have the support they need to retain their jobs. By empowering women, this project not only addresses gender disparities in the transport sector but also contributes to the city’s commitment to a just and green transition.

Women e-bus drivers in Bogotá who are part of the La Rolita e-bus training programme led by the City of Bogotá. The image shows five women standing in front of green e-buses.
© The City of Bogotá

Bogotá is not only recruiting and training women to become e-bus drivers but also fostering an inclusive and healthy working environment through wellbeing support. The project empowers women facing social and economic disadvantages by providing professional psychosocial support, as well as training on topics such as personal finances and self-care.

This support helps them to retain their jobs and thrive in the sector, which is critical to ensuring that women e-bus drivers perform their roles effectively and sustain a high-quality e-bus service that reduces emissions and contributes to cleaner air for Bogotá’s inhabitants. The project is driving gender inclusion, challenging traditional gender roles, and promoting green jobs in the public transport sector.

The C40 Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Fund is designed to help cities develop and implement climate projects with equity and inclusion principles at their core. As part of the 2023 programme, C40 is supporting six global cities to develop and deliver climate projects over a 12 month period that are inclusive, fair and benefit all residents. Learn more about the ICA Cities Fund.

Editor’s note: this case study was originally published in June 2023; the content was updated in May 2024 to reflect the latest details about the project, which can be accessed in full here.

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