Bogotá is training women to join the workforce as e-bus drivers, promoting inclusive good, green jobs and strengthening the city’s just and green transition.

In support of city-led efforts to improve urban transportation systems, C40 is providing tailored assistance and capacity building to the City of Bogotá, supported by the C40 UKAID programme. For the first time, Bogotá has a public transportation operator with a 100% electric fleet – La Rolita – with 195 electric buses covering 11 routes, serving more than 35,000 users. 

Through the La Rolita programme, Bogotá is training groups of women to become e-bus drivers. The project aims to promote gender equity, reduce the attrition rate of women vehicle operators, and boost good, green jobs by prioritising clean energy in the public transport sector.

Women e-bus drivers in Bogotá who are part of the La Rolita e-bus training programme led by the City of Bogotá. The image shows five women standing in front of green e-buses.
© The City of Bogotá

La Rolita challenges the traditional gender roles of the public transport sector, which men have historically dominated. The aim is to improve the lives of women who face disadvantages, to empower them to become agents of change and overcome barriers related to gender inequality and informal employment. Additionally, La Rolita will strengthen the just and fair transition to net-zero emissions in Bogotá’s public transportation system.

Supported by the C40 Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Fund grant, Bogotá will provide training and psychosocial tools for women e-bus drivers while creating spaces that promote well-being and safe and healthy environments.

The C40 Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Fund is designed to help cities develop and implement climate projects with equity and inclusion principles at their core. As part of the 2023 programme, C40 is supporting six global cities to develop and deliver climate projects over a 12 month period that are inclusive, fair and benefit all residents. Learn more about the ICA Cities Fund.

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