Quezon City is developing an interactive storybook to promote environmental education among the next generation in an inclusive and accessible way, empowering them to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis.

45% of Quezon City’s population is made up of young people, some of whom experience various limitations and disabilities. The city is taking action to better engage all residents in its climate action initiatives by prioritising the creation and dissemination of accessible information that caters to the needs of residents from all backgrounds, education levels and age groups.

Quezon City’s Enhanced Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) aims to deliver on this priority; the city will utilise the C40 Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Fund grant to develop an interactive storybook that presents its Enhanced LCCAP clearly and engagingly, to break down barriers and boost the public’s access and understanding of the city’s climate initiatives.

The storybook will feature a children’s version of the city’s climate action plan, presented in an interactive picture or pop-up book format. The book will also be available in braille and audiobook formats, catering to children with hearing or visual impairments. The city hopes to develop versions of this resource suitable for more age groups in future, to ensure children of all ages can learn about the Enhanced LCCAP and engage with climate action.

The C40 Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Cities Fund is designed to help cities develop and implement climate projects with equity and inclusion principles at their core. As part of the 2023 programme, C40 is supporting six global cities to develop and deliver climate projects over a 12 month period that are inclusive, fair and benefit all residents. Learn more about the ICA Cities Fund.

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