The C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards 2017 ceremony will take place in Chicago during the North American Climate Summit in December. For this week’s Awards spotlight, we’re focusing on the #Cities4Mobility finalists working to build the resilient, greener cities of our future. Learn more about the Awards here.

Los Angeles

The Sustainable City pLAn pledges that, by 2025, 80% of vehicles purchased by the city will be electric or zero emission – meeting this target would be the same as taking 430,000 cars off of the road every year. 

New York City

The Hunts Point South Bronx Clean Truck Program (HPCTP) works to accelerate the purchasing of low-carbon vehicles, retrofit existing trucks and replace old vehicles in the Hunts point neighborhood – ultimately, the program aims to reduce localized air pollutants by 75% per truck.        



The Barcelona Superblocks works by changing traffic flows within the city to vibrant, walkable spaces and reduce internal traffic by 80-90% without increasing external traffic by more than 5%.

Dar es Salaam

The Dar Rapid Transit Project (DART) tackles traffic congestion and high levels of local air pollution with a new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system serving 200,000 people every day and new, lower-carbon engines for the city’s fleet.


Bangalore has developed India's first Intelligent Transport System, making it possible for Bangalore's 5.2 million daily riders to enjoy a streamlined transportation system complete with electronic ticketing machines – as of right now, the system reduces annual CO2 emissions by more than 56,000 tonnes.

Check back next week for our Cities4Energy spotlight, and check out our Cities4Tomorrow spotlight here!

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