The power of global collaboration

C40 networks connect people working in cities around the world who are tackling similar challenges and opportunities for climate action.


C40 networks facilitate dialogue amongst city officials. This builds trusted relationships, which in turn ensures that ideas, solutions, lessons, questions, and even friendly competition can flow freely and responsively to cities' needs. Rather than end at a case study or report, C40 Networks create conversations, which enable cities to tailor their own actions to their unique situations, and band together to use their collective power to access partnership resources, including technical and financial support. The result is that cities' climate actions to reduce GHGs and climate risks are bolder, more impactful, implemented faster, at a lower cost and with less resources than if they were to go it alone. No other organisation facilitates such deep connections amongst city staff across 50+ countries, 20 time zones and 26 languages to accelerate local action with major global impact.


C40 has established a data-driven approach to identify and launch networks, ensuring that resources are strategically deployed to city priorities and focus areas with the greatest potential GHG and climate risk impact. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, C40’s efforts are focused into seven overarching initiative areas and associated networks.

Current Networks by Initiative