Connecting cities on topics of common interest

C40 networks are nimble, dynamic, active working groups of C40 cities with commonly identified opportunities, interests or priorities. In most cases, Networks are chaired by a C40 city and supported by C40 staff to facilitate knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer exchange, as well as to provide direct support to cities developing local policies, programmes or projects, often through managed partnerships.


City officials can be bombarded with advice from constituents, advocates, experts, and consultants, representing various agendas and perspectives. But when faced with a challenge, one valuable type of advice is often forgotten: insight from another city official who has been in the same position. Such experience can help city officials perform their jobs faster, better, and smarter.

C40 Networks facilitate knowledge transfer and peer-to-peer exchange between city staff members with the aim of sharing challenges, opportunities and best practices. Networks can also provide a platform for joint problem solving. C40 helps establish regular communication for participating city officials through virtual exchange and in-person gatherings, and enables direct access to vital resources such as research, analytical tools, funding or financing, and technical expertise. When this happens – when Networks connect city officials – the planet benefits.

C40 has established a data-driven approach to identify and launch networks, ensuring that resources are strategically deployed to city priorities and focus areas with the greatest potential GHG and climate risk impact. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, C40’s efforts are focused into seven overarching initiative areas and associated networks.

Current Networks by Initiative